What motivates us

Our Mission 
is dedicated to the trade of energy solutions, providing, immediately, all kind of batteries for the most diverse devices and equipment, ensuring their best performance and longevity of use. Betting on personalised service, Onlybattery has as permanent objective to conquer the preference of customers. 

Our Vision 
operates in the market as a pioneer organisation in the implementation and structuring of the specialised trade of batteries. The main purpose is to be a leader in the service, advice, availability, and implementation of energy solutions, developing its network of operations through partnerships of excellence to offer a high-quality service to its customers. 

Our Values 
complies with values common to the entire organisation: acting with professional ethics and according to the real needs of customers; generating added value to customers by providing immediate products and services; creation of favourable conditions for the expansion of the Onlybattery concept to all business partners; respect for the environment; we provide conditions for individual growth and development of the team spirit of our employees/partners (nao sei bem a quem se referem com colaboradores). 


What do we do?

Onlybattery is composed of a young, dynamic, and qualified team dedicated daily to the advice, marketing, and construction of technically advanced energy solutions.

To provide the best power solutions, even rechargeable ones, Onlybattery offers, at its various points of sale, batteries in multiple formats and technologies for all types of equipment, always at the best price.  

With thousands of products in stock, Onlybattery sells in addition to the usual current consumption of batteries, batteries for all types of equipment regardless of your brand or model. Thanks to the personalised service, it is guaranteed the commercialisation of the ideal energy source for your equipment according to its characteristics and technical specificities. Moreover, due to individual and organisational customer requests, Onlybattery builds batteries to measure, always ensuring the best technical solutions. 

Through advanced testing and measurement equipment, it is possible to respond to the most specific needs, always ensuring the highest quality standards, reflected in the satisfaction of all our customers. 


Onlypower Catalog

Onlypower Catalog

Onlypower is an Onlybattery brand.
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